Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mission Statement

International Law Studies (ILS) is an independent, online, academic forum for the publication of international law and comparative law research papers, presentations, and other projects.

ILS is dedicated to sharing scholarship which explores, among other things, the prevailing theories of international law, the impact of international law on societies, comparative law, and the intersection of current global issues and the field of international law.  Further, ILS provides a forum for research projects that conceive the trajectory of the discipline, in the legal context of examining solutions to current problems and issues in international relations. The goal is to promote innovative, insightful, and contemporary research and study of the broad spectrum of international and comparative law, especially by law students, but also by their professors, as well as by students and professors in related graduate school disciplines.

The founder and Director of ILS, Vincent Martin Bonventre, is a professor at Albany Law School, as is the Co-Director, Alexandra R. Harrington.  The staff members are students of that institution.  The research papers and other projects for which ILS provides a forum are primarily authored by students at Albany Law School.  However, holding the belief that the study of international and comparative law encourages and accommodates originative ideas, and ILS being a platform for sharing reformative research, the work of students from both domestic and international law and graduate institutions is highly encouraged and welcomed.

Aware that great ideas are not limited to the academy or to any particular discipline or geography, ILS also welcomes the advice and suggestions of academics, jurists, and practicing attorneys, regardless of institutional or national affiliation.  Ultimately, ILS aims to publish, in one space, interesting and forward-thinking research and studies in international and comparative law that will serve as an educational tool for the academic community, international law professionals, the bench, journalists, and the public at large.

Executive Editors, ILS
January 2012