Monday, December 3, 2012

The World Of Female Child Soldiers

A Chance at Equality or a Life of Servitude?

By Katie E. Valder
Katie Valder, a third-year student at Albany Law School, graduated magna cum laude with honors from Le Moyne College. She majored in Criminology and Crime & Justice Studies, with a concentration in International Affairs, and she double minored in Peace & Global Studies and Anthropology. At Albany Law, she is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Government Law Review, a student editor for the Government Law and Policy Journal, a teaching assistant for the Domestic Violence Prosecution Hybrid Clinic. She has worked as an intern at the New York State Attorney General's Office, the Saratoga District Attorney's Office, the Government Law Center, the Civil Rights and Disabilities Law Clinic, and the Domestic Violence Prosecution Hybrid Clinic. Additionally, Katie served as a teaching assistant for Introduction to Lawyering class, and has been active  in multiple pro bono projects, as well as the Women's Law Caucus.This presentation was created for Prof. Bonventre’s Fall International War & Crime Class.

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It is estimated that over 300,000 child soldiers are currently fighting in conflicts across the world in upwards of 30 countries.

The international community has taken action to stop the use of child soldiers. Among the steps taken are:
the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child,
the United Nations Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict,
the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,
and the Convention Concerning the Prohibition and Immediate Action for Elimination of the Worst Form of Child Labour by the International Labour Office.

These initiatives, however, lack the narrow tailoring necessary to protecting young girls in armed conflict and fail to provide valid reintegration strategies.

This presentation focuses on the use of child soldiers, specifically female child soldiers, in armed conflicts around the world and uncovers the role these young girls play. For some, joining the conflict is an ability to gain equality to their male counterparts. For others, it means a life of sexual servitude and back-breaking labor.
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